TikTok Star Gabriel Salazar Dies In Texas Car Accident

TikTok Star Gabriel Salazar Dies In Texas Car Accident. So a 19 year old kid was driving an expensive Camaro, killed 3 innocent passengers with his recklessness and speeding, nobody else had any kind of part in his death and somehow his family feels justified in setting up public donations for his funeral?




🤦🏻‍♂️ Pretty obvious why the kid thought he was invincible. Sounds like the family has refused to take accountability for his actions all his life and even after death SMH RIP to the innocent passengers and prayers to their loved ones. Love how the media only refers to him by name because he’s a tiktok “star” for lip syncing other people’s music 🙄 We truly need to stop making stupid people feel like celebrities and go back to the days when talent was actually needed to achieve fame and/or fortune.


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