Tiffany’s Curse, Offset Gets Fancy & Shakira Attacked

Tiffany haddish just went off on Instagram after getting robbed at the Atlanta airport. But she has a surprise for the thief there is a black woman that stole my Gucci glasses out of the bin at the tsa checkpoint. When I asked for my glasses the woman dropped their shoes on the floor kicked them across the room. Okay sat down put them on I watched the video. Tsa show me the video put them on took my glasses out of her shoes. Your other shoe on took off oh I filled out a police report too you know what I’m goanna go ahead and I’m goanna put a curse on my glasses. I’m goanna put a curse on the glasses until she gets them back to me. Its goanna be all that for her okay so we’re goanna talk about this.
First of all, the nerve yeah pretty bold yeah I kind of believe you can put like roots and curses. Yeah people who do you wrong like I think that that’s a thing you need to go to school for that though particularly Hogwarts. I’m pretty sure it’s the only place where they teach this. You saw those students first day they’re not doing good courses that’s true.
She said she was going to go on YouTube and figure out how to do a curse that is fair and that is what’s driving Hogwarts admission. So now these days learn how to do it on YouTube I went right to American horror story of the coven.
Because that’s like my favorite with the witches did you guys see that no I don’t know oh yeah I’m all about that witch life. So the witch life all about it put that curse tiffany you’re a stylist. So I mean someone take it that is kind of against like you don’t steal Gucci glasses. Now you don’t know how dare you no um that person who stole it um yeah she should be cursed.
Yeah but you know did you guys know anything over 500 I believe is a felony and Gucci glasses can sometimes run and you know up to a thousand dollars. So this person could actually go to jail for this I hope for the rest of them life. So extreme I think tiffany probably said that woman just stole my thousand dollar Gucci sunglasses and tsa went yeah.
But where’d you get that water bottle that’s coming with me. It’s so true all right you guys cardi and offset are living it up at pierce fashion week. They are enjoying the finer things in life but it might be too much for offset.
Stop embarrassing us now I know why most of his lyrics are one or two words said really quick if you’re a grown man over 35 there’s you should have tried most things like. You know there are some things that are delicacies but like for the most part you should have gone and tried other foods like if I meet a grown man who’s like I’ve never had sushi that’s a turn off oh yeah. Major turn off like I’m always down to like try everything at least once right put it in the mouth and then you know get it down and then if you’re not down for it then you’ve learned that you know what it applies to a lot of things in life sister.
All right you guys let’s talk about Shakira. She was apparently attacked in Spain but it was not by wild fans. It was by wild boar she posted this video speaking in Spanish showing the damage to her bag. After the animals tried to steal it and take it into the woods.
She says that she tried to stand up to the boards to keep her belongings her son tried did not cooperate. The story he walked away from her apparently. um but are y’all fighting boars for your bag a wild boar.

hell no chance they’re aggressive no I would never do it. I’m not down for the board life at all it’s like a thing in Europe right now. Right there’s like a lot of animals like running wild a lot of wild happening all. Right you guys we’re getting more behind-the-scenes drama from grey’s anatomy so Ellen Pompeo just revealed on her podcast. Tell me with Ellen Pompeo that she apparently went off on Denzel Washington.
When he guests directed an episode and I was like look at me when you apologize look at me and that wasn’t in the dialogue and Denzel went ham on my ass. He was like I’m the director don’t you tell him what to do. And I was like listen mother this is my show this is my set who are you telling like.
You barely know where the bathroom is and like you know I have the utmost respect for him as an actor as a director as everything. But like you, we went at it one day okay. Uh this is very tricky um how does anybody go off on Denzel Washington. The icon yeah literal angel have you seen the preacher’s wife like.
How dare you for more nightly pop and to hear about lizzo’s burrito eating style.
let us know what you think about tiffany haddish’s shady curse on a thief in the comments down below.

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