SBI Clerk Result 2021| SBI JA Result 2021 | SBI Clerk Prelims Result 2021 | SBI Clerk Result

SBI Clerk Result 2021| SBI JA Result 2021 | SBI Clerk Prelims Result 2021 | SBI Clerk Result

SBI Clerk pre exam generally held on July 10 to 13 and getting delayed for a long time.

What can be the cutoff and its result is going to come soon, we will discuss about it and on which date if the result of pre comes then what will be the date of mains.

Then we will talk about these three then let’s start one by one Look, you know the exam of SBI Clerk Prelims was held from July 10 to 13, after that the result did not come, because the four centers that were left in the country has been tested in the last week of August, you will know this in the last week of August. In August, the exam was held on the four centers that were left. So now let’s talk about how long your result can be delayed.

After the fine that has been done, I also told that Which is your result around mid-September or and I am even today this is your result that of Prince The middle will come only around September and there is no chance of coming before that, it is very difficult.

But as there are other exams and other exams according to their analysis, the test I did is

correct, you hope that the middle September which this expect The date is the result of SBI Clerk Prelims that it is expected that it will be correct and around the middle of September your result may come let’s go ahead.

Now let’s talk about cut off whether only will attend how many marks you should have category wise

Twenty- SBI Clerk Prelims cutoff in 20 was minimum 65 and maximum was 727. This range

was minimum and maximum that will not be related this time because see every time different level is different, vacancy is different, number of candidates have different level If it is, then the cut-off will be different.

I am not telling one and a half state wise, I am just telling all over India, if we talk about the general cut-off, then if you are getting seven or four plus marks, then you are only that of VC. If you talk about

seventy-one plus one, then you are the only one. If we talk like this, then if you are becoming

sixty-nine plus then you are just there, this is the overall cutoff. Tube light is state and union territories,

if I sit to tell everyone’s cutoff, state wise profit will go long video, you also understand it If you live in the state, with the vacancy there, you will have an idea what the cutoff was like last time. So you

can get an idea from here that the general, how much of such a key of OBC goes to the top, will be bad if

you are in general. Coming to the general category, you need 724 plus, if you are in OBC, then seventy-one plus is in such a category, then you must need 6 plus salt. Now let’s talk about the expected exam date of clerk main as I told if The result of your films is out around the middle of September, then your main exam date will become your main exam date.

Till off October 15th October your main exam will be done if Even your result is coming till September, then you will get only 15 to 20 days. Will not get much you.

Can also say and use whether it can be done within seven days, yes it

can be done absolutely depends on SBI. If SBI has arranged it can get it done 172

trends. But I am telling you in general that you have not got time less than 10 inches and if you

do not get more time than speed, then your main exam will be between 10 to 15, your mains exam will not go above 15. If you in the middle of September Pre result is coming so the overall story is SBI Clerk

Pre and Main. Apart from this, if you are preparing for SRVNS Real IBPS PO Clerk Then Positive Attitude Reasoning in English and many more subjects. I’m praying for the best of you guys.


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