Mimi (2021) – Movie Review

Mimi movie review in English. MIMI tells the heartwarming story of a young woman, played by Kriti Sanon. Who opts to become a surrogate mother for an American couple, so that she can use the money and follow her dream of becoming a Bollywood star after giving birth to their child. But of course, things are not going as planned and Mimi is confronted with a tremendously challenging new situation, that also involves all the people around her.

From her family, her best friend Shama, played by the wonderful Sai Tamhankar, to the man, who helped the couple to specifically pick her, Bhanu Pandey, played by the great Pankaj Tripathi. The story moves in unexpected ways and I would really recommend not to watch the full trailer, because it already gives away a lot. At one point Mimi’s father is wondering how many twists and turns are happening in Mimi’s own life story and because of that I also don’t really want to talk too much about the actual story.

MIMI begins as a rather lighthearted comedy, but then really kicks into the next gear, once things are taking an unexpected turn. At the end of it I was super invested. I was laughing, I was crying, I was even cursing at the TV and this won’t be a big surprise, but it was mostly at this American couple.

But thankfully MIMI isn’t a movie that just creates a good vs. bad narrative, with our innocent young Indian woman on one side and a selfish, privileged foreign couple on the other. I mean that’s true to a certain degree, but the couple is also not portrayed as evil and you have no idea how happy I was, that they picked Western actors, who are actually able to act and who are not coming across as totally off-putting. Both Evelyn Edwards as Summer and Aidan Whytock as John are doing a good job, which helps tremendously that the movie feels grounded and genuine.

Which it does – and yet it’s also able to be this very hilarious comedy. The tonal shifts are huge sometimes – and yet MIMI succeeds pulling off both aspects. It’s a really funny comedy AND also a deeply moving, highly emotional drama. Sometimes it relies a little bit too much on pretty loud and heavy background music and also striking audio cues, but the majority stems from the good script, especially the fantastic dialogues, which I could pick up on even with subtitles, and the wonderful performances by this terrific ensemble cast.

This was my first exposure to Kriti Sanon and she does a marvelous job as this young woman, who had very different ideas for her life and who has to cope with a situation, that’s super complex and difficult. It’s also this whole “messed-up” situation, that I found so engaging and fascinating. Because there’s absolutely no easy way out and also no clear “right” way to handle it and I think the movie does a terrific job in confronting the characters with this new life situation.

There’s also a really touching speech by Mimi’s best friend Shama about the unpredictability of life and how we often times have to change and adapt to it. And Sai Tamhankar is great as Shama. To me it felt like she’s the one who is grounding the movie with her calm and nuanced performance. Shama isn’t just Mimi’s anchor in life, but Sai Tamhankar is also what anchors the movie. Another beautiful speech is delivered towards the end by Pankaj Tripathi’s character Bhanu. I have seen Pankaj Tripathi in several films by now and I think he’s gold in every one of them.

For me he was the highlight of MIMI. His character is so well fleshed out, so deeply human and Pankaj Tripathi’s performance is both, absolutely laugh-out-loud hilarious at times and then so compassionate and touching in the next. In general, there’s a beautiful humanism to be found in this movie. Pretty much all characters’ lives are influenced by Mimi’s surrogate pregnancy and the movie perfectly capitalizes on that for great comedy and great drama. It challenges the characters and the audience, confronts them and us with a lot and it of course addresses social issues and tensions.

One could criticize that certain story beats are pretty contrived, especially towards the end – but I didn’t think this was an issue at all, because the movie isn’t a completely naturalistic drama, but also a comedy and maybe even somewhat of a modern fairy tale. It is a feel-good movie and tearjerker for the whole family and with the fascinating story at heart, the great characters and terrific cast and the nice balance of comedy and drama, MIMI just grabbed me and didn’t let me go throughout. From a technical perspective there’s not much of note worth I think, as is the case with many comedies. There aren’t any profound stylistic choices. But what we do have is a pretty wonderful score, that was composed by none other than A. R. Rahman. With songs, that perfectly accompany and highlight Mimi’s personal journey and emotional arc. I give MIMI 8 out of 10. It’s more like 7.8 but I don’t do that. Alright, that’s it. Like always, comment below and let me know what you think about MIMI.

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