Mi Pad 5 Pro Reviews & First Impressions | India Launch ⚡ 11” 2.5K Screen, Snapdragon 870

Mi Pad 5 Pro Reviews & First Impressions | India Launch ⚡ 11” 2.5K Screen, Snapdragon 870

Demand for tablets has increased these days as people want bigger screens for many multiple reasons & many brands are launching their tablets.

And today we have the Mi Pad 5 Pro. It comes in 3 different variants & this one we have is the Wi-Fi version, there’s also a 5G variant.

Today we’ll talk about the Wi-Fi version that we have here. We are doing its unboxing as it might be soon launching in India.

And looking at Chinese pricing you get a whole lot for your money. Now let’s open the black box.

It’s a thin box & right upfront you get tablet & initial build is looking good, you get documentation, Type C to 3.55mm adapter (as 3.55mm jack is missing).

If you want a charger, then you need to purchase it as accessory (67W charger) also there’s another important accessory (we’ll talk about it later).

Opening the Mi Pad 5 Pro – It comes in white gradient color that looks good, as we’re used to gray/black color so this one looks unique in terms on color

It looks nice, it actually feels like a phone but its super-sized phone & it has a glass back.

This definitely looks different than other tablets that we’ve tested & this one looks quite unique.

In Hand feel – It’ll be difficult to use it with one hand as you’ve stretch a lot, so holding it two hands will be more comfortable.

Talking about its weight – I’m guessing it to be around 500-525 grams. Let’s see

OMG! Previously I was totally wrong but this time I’m totally right. Its 520 grams (I’ll have to pat my back).

[People have started making memes of my weighing style]

Ports & Buttons – At the bottom side you get big speaker grills, Type C cable, microphone. On right side you have dual microphones, magnetic connector for stylus.

And you have volume keys. On the top side you get speaker grilles, (Total 8 speakers on Mi Pad 5 Pro) & there’s a power button that doubles up as a fingerprint scanner.

On the right hand side – There’s a smart connector for attaching the keyboard.

I’ll not do the drop test as tablets are aren’t strong as smartphone.

Now it’s time to check the tablet from inside.

Display – It’s a 11’’ LCD panel & viewing angles are decent. Tablet are generally used for consuming multimedia so AMOLED display should’ve been better.

It’s a 2.5K res display, supports HRD10, 10-bit panel so in terms of colors it’s quite good but you’ll miss the punchy blacks of the AMOLED panel.

It also has 120Hz fast refresh rate so that’s nice.

Specifications – It has an SD870 SoC which gives you amazing performance. It comes in 2 variants – 6GB/128GB & there’s a 6GB/256GB option as well.

The storage type you get is UFS 3.1 & LPDDR5 RAM type so the performance you get is really great.

We played Genshin Impact, COD on highest settings & we really enjoyed gaming on it.

Battery – It has 8600mAh battery that will easily last you for a day even with heavy to moderate usage & it supports 67W charging that charges 0-100% within 2 hours.

It comes with MIUI 12.5 based on Android 11 with the July security patch.

The OS on this tablet is little different as its the Chinese variant.

Looking at other things it has some unique features which is very useful for tablets for e.g.: PC Launcher.

PC Launcher – Using this you can use the tablet as a laptop mode (Like Samsung Dex Mode).

So if you attach it with the accessory, you’ll be able to use it as a compact laptop & the look and feel is like Windows laptop.

But you’ll need to install it as it’s still in Beta & it doesn’t come preinstalled. But overall I liked it as it gives you a Windows vibe.

Cameras – You get 13MP+5MP dual rear camera setup & 8MP selfie camera on the front.

You’ll not primarily use the tablet to take professional photos so the quality of the photos is quite decent. The 5G variant comes with 50MP primary sensor.

So a 50MP primary sensor on a tablet is good.

Let’s talk about their pricing.

This Wi-Fi 6GB/128GB model = 2499 Yuan (Approx. 27-28K Rs) & there are strong chances are that it’ll launch in India under 30K Rs & for that price it’s really good.

The 5G variant is priced at 3499 Yuan (Approx. 40K Rs) & looking at the pricing of both the variants they seem value for money.

One thing that I didn’t like is that the selfie camera is on the top side. It should’ve been on the horizontal side bezel.

As when you’re holding it sideways, it gets hidden with your hands. The selfie camera position should’ve been on side bezel.

Sensors – It has all the sensors with physical fingerprint scanner & face unlock and both of them work quite well.

Connectivity – It supports Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.2 so that’s good. It gets Wide vine L1 support (Chinese devices usually comes with L3 support) but this has L1.

Multimedia – Colors are good, viewing angles are decent as it has LCD panel & not AMOLED, speakers are good but it could’ve been much better.

As the positioning of it is in such way that you’ll hear the sound from only 4 speakers as other 4 speakers gets covered with your hand when holding it sideways.

But if you place it on a surface where speakers are uncovered then the sound output is good & loud as well. So overall multimedia experience is quite good.

So this is all about the Mi Pad 5 Pro. I’m really hoping that it launches in India soon.

As Xiaomi had launched its Mi Pad 3-4 years ago in India, I’m really hoping the Mi Pad 5 Series comes to India very soon, especially at this price.

And if it comes I’m sure that a lot of people will buy this.

If you have any questions about MI Pad 5 Pro, then don’t forget to ask us in the comments below.


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