Indian International Students Vaccination Passport Australia News.

Indian International Students Vaccination Passport Australia News.

I really hope you all are having a fantastic day. Just want to share exciting news with all of you

especially for the international students from India.  India has urged Australia to eat some corona

travel restriction to Indian students because thousands of Indian students are unable to

travel back to Australia. Earlier we have heard that international students can travel

from Asian countries but not from higher risk countries especially from India.

But now I’m really happy to hear this news that at least they have mentioned something about India.

Australian foreign minister marris came India for scaling Indian and Australian partnership.

Where dr. jay Shankar external affair minister of India has talked about Indian Australian

students who has studied in India for more than 18 months now. He mentioned that Indian students

are facing difficulties big times so let’s see what Australian foreign minister marris said.

She said she wants to welcome back Indian students back to the Australian education system

as soon as it is possible for them. She added that there were around sixty thousand Indian currently

studying in Australia. She accepts that the coveted restrictions have impacted travel to and from

Australia not just students but Australians too. She stressed that higher vaccination levels of

Australians were required to give us the confidence to begin a sort of reopening

that will enable international students to return. So basically everything still depends upon the

vaccination rate and then they look forward to begin one of the people to be able to welcome

the first arrival of international students coming back and I’m attaching the clip of what she said.

while the pandemic has disrupted key areas of engagement such as education

we are working hard to get Indian students back to Australia as soon as possible.

The another update is more modern vaccines are coming into Australia and let’s see what Scott

Morrison the prime minister of Australia says.  Extra dodges are coming to Australia this means

there will be more than 11 million Pfizer’s and modern roses in Australia in September.

Which will be enough to wipe out any queues for jabs now guys i have highlighted this line.

This means we’ll able to take the next step in our plan to safely reopen Australia in October.

So probably guys we’ll see some sort of easing of restrictions in October and there

might be a chance they’ll start come up with calling international students in small number.

If we talk about the total number of vaccinations in Australia 67.8 percent of Australians have

been vaccinated by single dose and 42.6 percent are vaccinated by double dose. Now the another

big news is on vaccination passport as we all know that earlier the discussion was going on

regarding introducing a vaccination passport which will allow Australians and other temporary

visa holders to travel into the country. So now they have come up with the plan let’s

see what that is this will include the personal information collected by a new digital border pass

for international travel will be passed on to the states and territories for contact tracing and

other health reasons as the federal government looks to rely on the technology to remove a

ban on Australians leaving country which will allow Australians to leave the country freely.

Their digital passenger declaration will apply to all the travelers entering the country

and will be introduced within months after international. It firm Accenture was awarded

the tender estimated to be 75 million to automate the process entering the country and guys earlier

we have to provide Australian travel declaration form before traveling to Australia but the digital

passenger declaration will replace the physical incoming passenger card and the digital covered 19

travel declaration form. It will collect personal information including passenger vaccination status

up to 72 hours before boarding and provide the digital authority for vaccinated Australians to

travel and the passenger can complete that through their mobile or computer devices.

Even the home affairs minister Karen Andrews said the digital passenger would support the

safe reopening of the border at scale when supported by health advice by providing

digital verified coffee 19 vaccination details and this will help us to welcome home increasing

numbers of Australians and welcome the tourist’s traveler’s international students skilled workers

and overseas friend’s families we have all been missing during the pandemic.


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