India warns UK over excluding Covishield from racist travel policy

The basic issue is that here is a vaccine Covishield which is a licensed product of a UK company manufactured in India. Of which we have gifted, we have provided supplied 5 million doses to the UK at the request the government of the UK. We understand that this has been used in the national health system and therefore uh non-recognition of Covishield is a discriminatory policy and does impact on those of our citizens traveling to the UK.

The honorable external affairs minister from what I understand has raised this issue strongly with his counterpart. The new foreign secretary of the United Kingdom and Iā€™m told that certain assurances have been given that this issue would be resolved and as you saw the minister has said that these issues should be resolved at the earliest possible to mutual satisfaction.

We have also offered some of our partner countries the option of a mutual recognition of vaccination certificates or vaccine certification. But these are reciprocal measures I think if obviously as we go along we will have to see how it goes. But if we don’t get satisfaction we would be within our eyes to impose reciprocal measures.

I find that the double standards being applied by the UK are impossible to understand that if you’re fully vaccinated from some countries you can happily go and if you are fully vaccinated in India you have to sit in quarantine. To my mind that is unacceptable. You cannot have two standards like that but secondly I also personally just don’t have time to go to a country and sit in quarantine for 10 days.

I have too many things to do my schedule is busy and twiddling my thumbs and self-isolation is not something that I have time for. So for both reasons I cancel my trip but I think it’s very clear that it’s time we all stood up and said to the British get your act together. You know either you ask serum institution Pune to make this vaccine and even ship it to you in Britain and use it there or you say that you don’t accept the vaccine. You can’t have it both ways saying that you can take this vaccine somewhere else including the UK and it’s acceptable but if you take the vaccine in India it’s not acceptable that’s not good enough.

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